Diagnostic Outputs

Rayleigh comes bundled with an in-situ diagnostics package that allows the user to sample a simulation in a variety of ways, and at user-specified intervals throughout a run. This package is comprised of roughly 17,000 lines of code (about half of the Rayleigh code base), and it is complex enough that we describe it in two other documents. We refer the user to :

  1. The diagnostics plotting manual, provided in two formats:

    • Rayleigh/post_processing/Diagnostic_Plotting.ipynb (Jupyter Python notebook format; recommended for interactive use)

    • Rayleigh/post_processing/Diagnostics_Plotting.html (recommended for optimal viewing; generated from the .ipynb file) [html]

  2. Diagnostic Values – This companion documentation provides the output menu system referred to in the main diagnostics documentation.

A number of stand-alone Python plotting examples may also be found in the Rayleigh/post_processing/ directory.