Under Development#

Arbitrary Scalar Fields#

Rayleigh can solve for additional active, \(\chi_{a_i}\), (coupled to the momentum equation through buoyancy) or passive, \(\chi_{p_i}\), scalar fields (where \(i\) can range up to 50 for each type of scalar). Both types of field follow a simple advection-diffusion equation:

(1)#\[\frac{\partial \chi_{a,p_i}}{\partial t} + \boldsymbol{v}\cdot\boldsymbol{\nabla}\chi_{a,p_i} = 0\]

The number of each type of field can be set using, e.g.:

 n_active_scalars = 2
 n_passive_scalars = 2

Other model parameters follow the same convention as temperature but using the prefix chi_a or chi_p for active and passive scalars respectively.

See tests/chi_scalar for example input files.